L-Shape Sofas

L-Shape Sofas are expansive, spacious and often come in sleek and quirky designs. At JP Furnitures, we provide you L-Shape Sofas that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your spaces and are also highly comfortable. Our Sofas are convenient, highly comfortable and thanks to their angular designs,they also occupy less space.

U-Shape Sofas

U-Shape Sofas are spacious, comfortable and accommodate a large number of people. They stand for utility,elegance and comfort. They are perfect for large spaces. Following are the options that we provide under U shape Sofas

Lounger Sofas

As the name suggests, Lounger Sofas are perfect for you to jump into and relax after a long day. A perfect piece of furniture when it comes to lounge around. Lounger sofas are every couch potato’s dream.

Wooden design sofas

Wood is a proven classic when it comes to sofas. They are elegant and stylish. They are also sleek in design which makes them ideal for smaller spaces. A clear favourite among Indians, Wooden Sofas top the list when it comes to budget furnishing. At JP Furnitures, we offer you a great variety of wooden design sofas for you to choose from.

Imported design sofas

Who doesn't like the sound of imported? At JP Furnitures, we offer you an array of imported designs to choose from. Our collection includes handpicked sofa designs from Italy and China. Our imported designs add the perfect tinge of elegance and style to your space.

Customized Sofas

We understand the feeling of calling something your own. At JP Furnitures, we aim to take this feeling for you up a notch by providing you the option of customizing your sofas. This happens to be a small and genuine effort on our end to provide you the sofa of your dreams. Right from the design to the seating, from conceptualizing to the final layout, a sofa that is truly yours.

3+2+1 Sofa Set

A design that is equally compatible for both commercial and non commercial spaces, this sofa is high on quality and low on price. Meant to suit not just your space but also your budget. Our 3+2+1 sofa seats are highly comfortable.